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Let’s face it your roof is protecting your home and it is coping all the weather extremes and changes.Whenever there is a big storm we all pray that our roof won’t leak and that there has been no damage done to our roof either from trees’ falling or just bad luck since the last storm. Even though we don’t want to think about it, tiles ware out and crack from building movement, silicon dries up and cracks after a long time in the weather, pointing on ridge caps brakes down and cracks after a few years, leaves and debris block gutters and water courses, rivets pop after years of building expansion, your next door neighbours cricket ball cracked a roof tile or blocked a gutter, there are so many cases in which a roof can leak, we know because we have seen it all.

Whether you’re just experiencing a few drops or you have a major flood on your hands, a leaking roof is always a huge problem. Unlike other types of ware or tear that might occur around the home, a leaking roof can – and in most cases it definitely will – spread. This can lead to numerous other problems and expenses from your gyprock getting wet and staining to wet carpet or floor boards lifting to ceiling collapse, even electrical faults and even fire resulting from this and even the loss of stability in your house or building’s structure to the potential growth of mould.

The instant that you notice there is a leak of any kind, it is important to seek help from an expert team with knowledge.

Here at RestoraRoof we send out licenced roofers to inspect your roof leak as discovering the source of the leak can at times be very tricky. The last thing you want is someone who doesn’t know what they are doing on your roof and the next time it rains you have still got the same problem. Call us today for an inspection. Whether it be for Skylights, box gutters, Roof Penetrations, broken roof tiles, Roof and Gutter Cleans, cracked ridge capping, Polycarbonate Replacements, flashing Leaks, Eave Replacements and more.

RestoraRoof can repair or replace roofs or gutters on residential homes, strata properties or large commercial or industrial buildings at any height. RestoraRoof are the best in this field when it comes to finding the fault and recommending the most cost effective and workable solution for your roof repair and repairing it.

RestoraRoof currently do roof repair for government agencies, insurance companies, real estates and of course you the general home owner direct.


RestoraRoof holds the following certificates and is proficient in the following areas:

Cert IV in Building

Cert III Roof Plumbing

Cert III Carpentry

Cert III Painting Decorating

Cert III Roof Tiling

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