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Colorbond roof painting

We service areas from the Blue Mountains, Penrith (Nepean region), Hawkesbury and the hills being Castle Hill, kellyville, rouse hill.

Get a skilled Colorbond painter to make sure the job is done right

There are so many aspects to consider when painting a metal Colorbond roof. It is not worth using an unskilled painter to save a few dollars when you may end up with an unsightly roof that ruins the look of your Sydney home.

RestoraRoof’s Colorbond painting services are the best on the market today. Our specialist painters know exactly what they are doing and can handle any number of situations to deliver quality results when painting your metal roof.

Metal painting takes time, effort and experience – don’t risk an amateur job. Metal and colorbond roof painting is an art, you don’t get a mechanic to paint your car and in the same light you don’t get a roof tiler to paint a colorbond roof. We have receive many phone calls from people who have employed a roof tiler to paint their roof and it ended up all patchy and they didn’t know how to fix it. We use only the best products on the market today, depending on how new, worn or rusted the metal surface is depends on the requirements for preparation of the substrate.

Here are just a few examples of some of the more complex techniques our Sydney Colorbond painters may have to utilise on any given job:

Having to convert rusty screw heads before painting.

Firstly we will cover preparation, a good rust converter is a good way to start with light rust spots anything heavier can be scraped or wire brushed so rust does not bleed through the paint. A good high quality Pressure cleaner is required when cleaning a metal roof as you need to remove as much surface dust (oxide chalking) as humanly possible, a specialised bleach based wash is required to help remove this dust.

This also has a determining factor on which sealer/ primer is used. There is not a one stop sealer for this process. For heavily rusted roofs a 2 pak solvent based epoxy is required as it stops the rust from advancing and gives a solid base that lasts a very long time. If a roof required light rust treatment it is best not to apply an etch primer over it as the paint could lift, so a product like roof primer MX can be used over this. If you have a new metal surface an etch primer is required to make a good bond, otherwise on worn metal roofs you can use a good solvent based sealer or etch primer.

Once sealer/primer has been applied two coats of a high quality and high performing paint is applied. We also have heat reflective products and products that are safe for the collection of water.​

Bluescope steel recommend only 3 products be used on their colorbond surface for many years and have just revised it to allow any high quality paint product be used the 3 being

  • Dulux Roof & Trim (weathershield)
  • Wattyl Solarguard
  • Taubmans

We pride ourselves on only using the best products on the market and as such we recommendand use Dulux Roof and Trim (weathershield), Wattyl solaguard and Nutech coatings these are all water based 100% acrylic paint and are safe for the collection of drinking water.

A shoddily painted roof is something you will regret every time you pull into your driveway so don’t take the risk

RestoraRoof holds the following certificates and is proficient in the following areas:

Cert IV in Building

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Cert III Carpentry

Cert III Painting Decorating

Cert III Roof Tiling

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